Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying the Thursday nights, I was I little unsure when you mentioned this training session to me, but I thought what the hell I will give it ago.
8 weeks later I can’t believe how much I am getting out of it, bloody hard work but so friendly, everyone has different levels of fitness but your encouragement and time spent with each individual is a credit to you.
After last night I will probably be joining you on your Tuesday nights as well.

Simon Walsh, South Manchester

I moved back to cheadle after living abroad for a few years. In July I visited a number of gyms before joining including; David Lloyds,

The village, Cheadle Target Fitness and Virgin. What I was looking for in a gym was a squash community, so when I visited the village I was shown around and taken into Mas’s squash fitness session – where I loved the vibe and everyone seemed to be enjoying the class. I compared this to David lloyds squash session, which I attended and Mas’s class won hands down. Thus I joined The Village hotel gym.

My weekly work out includes a mixture of cardio vascular, spinning sessions, Professional squash sessions and Mas’s Tuesday squash and fitness and Thursday fitness sessions. I like coming to this gym because of its squash community and the friends I have made through this. Visits to the gym are very important in my daily life, more importantly a gym where I feel comfortable.

Minah, Cheadle

My daughter is 13 years old and has been playing squash for about four years now. During this time she has had a number of coaches, all teaching her different styles and techniques. Quite often though my daughter becomes easily bored due to the repetitiveness of the lessons and how she is being taught.

We have been with Maz for about six months now and during this time I have never seen my daughter enjoy a squash lesson so much. Maz is great with her and makes the lessons both challenging and fun whilst concentrating specifically on key aspects of her game. Maz is patient and understanding and however tired she is, she will always give her best which I think says a lot about Maz’s technique and personality. We are very happy with Maz as my daughters squash coach and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Sheldon Bean, South Manchester

I’d just like to say that the squash training available on a Tuesday and Thursday evening is a terrific class giving squash based exercises and squash tuition to regular squash players and the less experienced players that may be a little shy of joining a full blown squash lesson.

These classes will go a long way to introducing new players to the game of squash and will also give the more regular squash player a wonderful exercise program that will enhance physical fitness and ultimately improve match performance.

This training can only enhance the reputation of the gym as I believe this training program to be unique in the surrounding area. All-in-all a magnificent addition to the classes already available from VUR Cheadle.

Marc Deluce, Cheadle

I’ve played squash for a long, long time but a succession of defeats convinced me that I needed to re think my game. Working with Masambo has helped me to develop new strategies and really think about my game in a more intelligent way. Masambo has taught me some “killer shots” and in general he has completely reenergised my approach to a sport that I love.

Whether you’re an experienced veteran or a complete novice it doesn’t matter to Masambo. His calm, positive and friendly approach to coaching builds skills and confidence in equal measure.

Raymond Carr, Manchester

I have had lessons with Maz over several years. He listens to what his students want and puts together a personalised program using extensive experience of what he knows will work.

I really appreciate his skill in playing at just the right level to stretch you, but keep you motivated. He’s great at finding the problem when the game is just not working. I may be exhausted at the end of a lesson, but its always energy well spent …. And always fun!

Daniella Oaks, South Manchester

My boasting has certainly improved too and I am now able to use this is as both a defensive and attacking shot where suitable, and I have learned how to decide when this is and isn’t suitable in the pressure of a match. I feel my overall standard has definitely improved.

I’d like to continue to work on how I step into shots and not getting too close especially on the backhand (and backhand boasts and volleys) as although my backhand has definitely improved I have noticed that players at the level I am playing now tend to be almost as good on backhand as they are on forehand, and
the work we did in the last lesson where we fused cross-courts, boasts and drives in one exercise was really useful and I’d like to do more of that.

Thanks for all your help so far Maz.

Jonny Palfreeman, Cheadle Hulme

Since playing with Masambo earlier this year my squash game has improved so much. I have recently got to the point where I am no longer scared of playing off the walls and I’m learning how to handle the angles of the ball. Mas is a very patient and encouraging coach and I would definitely recommend him for anyone to get better at any level.

Catriona Mackinnlay, Heald Green

This is feedback following a 1 hour coaching session with Masambo Selisho on November 27th at The Village Cheadle hotel.

Masambo is obviously an experienced player / coach. Initially he took me through some warm-up exercises, and after 10-15 minutes including some warm-up drills, asking me if I had any injuries, and an intelligent short discussion about my playing ability we started playing some games.

As an experienced player with some ability I had to work hard to provide Masambo with a reasonable challenge, but his accuracy and control was too good as you would expect from an ex-national league player.

To his credit I did find, unlike some squash coaches, that he was willing to put plenty of effort into the session to make it a good experience for me, and there were plenty of coach-like perceptive comments about my game in the rallies that ensued delivered with some sense of humour.

All in it was a very good experience that I would recommend to others.

Michael Neale, London
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